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Delivering Excellence...

A hand holding a bag of money
Cost Effective.

With delivery From as little as £20 per 1000 Leaflet distribution is the most cost effective way of getting your business message, products and services direct to your customers.

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Targeted Distribution

Why pay to advertise to everyone, when you can target those that need, and will pay for your services.

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GPS Tracked

GPS tracked distribution of your Leaflets, Samples, Promotions, Magazines and Advertising Merchandise.

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Our business has grown only because we have managed to 'deliver' and help our customers prosper. We very much look forward to doing the same for you and your Business.

Welcome to S & C Distribution

S & C Distribution Delivery Van
Established since 1989 in Peterborough, S&C Distribution is a family run business.

We have over 25 years experience in leaflet distribution and our clients have reaped the benefits. With targeted distribution you can be sure to get yourself noticed by your customers, in the most cost effective way!

With our optional GPS tracking reports you can see precisly* where your leaflets have been delivered.

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Our Team...

A few of the happy faces that keep S & C ticking...

Picture of S&C Manager Sally
Sally Wells


Picture of S&C Manager Chris
Chris Flood


Picture of S&C delivery team
Delivery Team

Maps & Pricing

We deliver within a 50 mile radius of Peterborough...

...Including areas such as: Bourne, Spalding, Corby, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Kettering, Stamford, Yaxley etc. With prices starting from £20 per 1000 for a shared drop. Contact us for a quote and to check specific area coverage.

GPS Tracked leaflet distribution available in all areas.

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Areas we regularly cover:

GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution...

Peace Of Mind Distribution...

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality and accurate distribution service*. We accept NOTHING LESS (and neither should you). We have developed a GPS powered quality control system, allowing us to accurately deliver millions of leaflets every month throughout Cambridgeshire.

Street By Street Monitoring: All delivery team supervisors are monitored via our state-of-the-art GPS system to guarantee accurate* and complete distribution.

Field QC Check: We visually inspect delivery areas to further insure we are providing the highest quality distribution available. Checking homes & verifying deliveries.

Final QC Check: Once the distribution is completed, all delivery supervisors GPS tracks are uploaded and cross checked for any gaps that need to be fixed.

We will provide you with precise information* about where your leaflets were delivered, and provide a full distribution report with maps and GPS data.

Contact S&C today!

An image of a map showing the GPS tracks of a leaflet distribution
GPS Distribution Track Visualization:

Watch an example of a GPS track visualization created from the GPS data of one of our team members at work...

Doarama Terms of Use

* GPS tracking units may at times provide an erroneous reading because of one or all of the following reasons - GPS unit manufacturers’ state that this type of equipment is accurate to WITHIN 10 METRES, so some variation may be apparent with some tracks. Due to interference and/or large buildings and trees, tracks may on occasion appear to deviate from a logical course. Likely causes of this interference include - radio base units, mobile phone cell stations, overhead power cables & power stations, mobile phones and GPS units in close proximity (hence our teams are asked that the GPS units and any mobile phones are kept separate).


S & C Distribution

325 Dogsphorpe Road,




Please Phone:
07989 306793

01733 358124



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Simon Regis...

Who'd have thought in this day and age of sophisticated advertising via internet and television that something like leaflet distribution could be so effective. Glad I took the chance. Sometimes the simple solution is the best. Thanks!

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Sarah Trent...

I was initially sceptical but then pleasantly surprised with how effective leaflet distribution was. Within hours of our promotional leaflets going out we had customers come in clutching the promotional material. Simple, Cheap, effective. Thanks S&C

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Jane Travis...

Thanks for all your help. Great work with the design of my leaflet in such a short space of time. We're already seeing results from the first drop. Will definitely be recommending S & C. A real pleasure doing business with you all.